Ladies (and/or gentlemen?), it is completely natural to have body hair. You should not feel ashamed for not shaving your legs. You should not feel ashamed for not shaving your armpits. You should not feel ashamed for any hair that grows on your body. It’s simply part of living. The only reason you feel embarrassed by it is because the society we live in makes you feel that way. There are so many advertisements which only promote females as hairless creatures, but those are too unrealistic. It is portrayed in the media that if you aren’t smooth and flawless, then you’re dirty or gross. Please do yourself a favor and stop conforming to what your surroundings request of you. If you don’t feel like shaving, then don’t. You do not need to. You are entitled to your body hair and nobody has the power to change that. It will not make you disgusting; the only thing that will change is the way you view yourself, which should be as nature’s masterpiece. Please don’t believe that you are less of a woman if you decide to no longer shave, or even just do it less often. We need to promote the normalization of body hair and other bodily functions for the sake of our happiness. If no longer shaving does it for you, then so be it. Accept your body hair and love it. We all need to love ourselves a little bit more…




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