Christmas is getting closer and most of us already have all our gifts for our family ready and wrapped up- but if you left everything until the very last minute, don’t stress! There is something you can do, but this wouldn’t be a present directly for a family member or a friend; it would be for humanity.

So we all heard about Aleppo and the refugee, and we all know something is going on, but we’re not sure… To be honest with you I did not know about what exactly was going on until recently when I had to go do some research of my own. Because even though I kept hearing about Syria on the news, I never actually got important information.

As you read this post, a family is being evacuated from their home because of a war. I will not try to explain everything to you in this post, but I will link some websites that you can (should) read through to finally get the understanding that you need.–16)

The day I was researching this, I remember checking my snapchat in the evening and seeing stupid headlines of newspapers (like daily mail): “Has Kylie had a boob job?”, “What your last snap says about you and your crush” and “How to throw the ultimate shade”… I was honestly heartbroken, because there is literally a war going on with innocent people dying but because it’s not a first world country the media doesn’t seem to care. So then I screenshotted those articles and sent them to a few of my friends, adding an angry message, and a lot of them agreed with me, but there were also some that replied with things like “what war?”.

I was thinking about it for a while and I’m not angry at them for educating themselves, although they should’ve, but I’m more angry at the media, about how they are not spreading the awareness. The only time I hear something about Syria is on the news, and lets me real, most teenagers do not sit around watching the news, they are more interested in social media, YouTube videos and blogs. The video that I linked above is the only video that I saw a YouTuber speak about the issue and she has around 500,000 subscribers. So many other youtubers with MILLIONS are not informing their viewers about Aleppo (but going back to my original point…)

Please read up on the issue, look at the statistics and share videos and websites on your instagram or facebook. Get people aware – you have more power than you think.

If you want to you can donate here:

This charity will give 93% of your money to the actual cause, and only 7% to administration and fundraising!



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